African Agricultural Journalist of the Year Awards

The CAADP Journalists Network takes on the role of raising the profile of agriculture. Part of the important work of the CAADP Journalists Network is to work toward increasing the volume and quality of positive news on the role and impact of CAADP in agricultural development in Africa.

Members are drawn from all over Africa, who liaise broadly with wider networks in their countries and regions. Their focus in agriculture is specifically on leadership, smallholder farmers, women and youths.

In all their work, the journalists tell the African story of development in agriculture, through responsible and informed coverage.

In recognising the cardinal role played by the CAADP Journalists Network in the African development agenda, the AUC and NEPAD would like to announce the CAADP Journalist of the Year Awards.

For more information, see attached documents!

CAADP Journalist of the Year Award_concept_fnl


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